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Gold Coast Backpackers

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Gold Coast is best known for its gorgeous beaches, it’s simply stunning coast line, and its warm climate almost year round, they don’t call it surfers paradise for nothing, it is a tourist attraction onto itself, almost like being on an Island, if on that Island there was a city. Gold coast is a haven for surfers and youth looking to spend a couple weeks partying, with a lucrative and extravagant night life scene to accompany its magnificence, Gold Coast is the go to destination for travellers looking for a temporary escape.

Gold Coast has a number of other attractions certainly worth taking some time off of partying, drinking and clubbing to patron, there’s many theme parks around Gold Coast, Sea world being no doubt the most well known them park in Australia, and a very alluring attraction, bungee jumping, wildlife areas as well as national parks, there’s plenty to see and do in Gold Coast, there’s almost too much. Hostels are no longer just a retreat for those without the funds for a hotel, Gold Coast hostels have become a staple for backpackers, that are truly a remarkable experience that encourages conversation between visitors, which inevitably becomes partying, which becomes a pleasant memory.

No doubt the ideal place to stay if you’re a backpacker or a youth, looking to be where the party is at, is on surfers paradise boulevard, this is the centre of tourism in Gold Coast and is where all the best parties happen, the night life scene is a huge economic asset to Gold Coast, so naturally a lot of money is put back into it, not to mention the shopping district and virtually all things fun and entertainment. This is party central and is the place to be, it’s easy to forget about all the great tourist attractions you planned on seeing, you could literally spend your entire vocation in this one spot boozing, dancing and sleeping, and it would be an excellent experience in out of itself especially considering the overwhelming amount of amenities that hostels there provide.

There’s a number of hostels located in this district, right along Gold Coast which becomes Surfers Paradise Boulevard, but no doubt one of the best is the Surfers Paradise hostel, packed with amenities, free Wi-Fi for fifteen hours a day, a free breakfast until fall, free access to washing machines, a tennis, volleyball and basketball court! A Sauna, licensed bar and Playstation 3, just to name a few, it’s difficult to imagine how they can afford only charging $29.37 a night for a 5 to 6 person dorm room. This is one of the most popular hostels in gold coast. Another excellent hostel right on Surfers Paradise boulevard, dubbed a backpackers heaven for backpackers,. regarded as the hands down best hostel in Gold Coast, located right in the center of everything you want to be in center of, is the backpackers in paradise hostel, with shops and beaches literally a few minutes’ walk from the hostel and a bus station mere metres away, not that you’d want to go anywhere, a movie theatre, a 50 foot pool, 24 hour internet, pool table and bar, nightly entertainment, all starting at only $23.93, this is hands down the best hostel to stay in Gold Coast and is the epitome of paradise, if you’re unsure of where to stay for your upcoming vocation to Gold Coast, don’t waste your time looking elsewhere, Backpackers in Paradise hostel is the best. However you can select either of these hostels and expect to have an excellent stay at Gold Coast this year.

Some of other hostels certainly worth mentioning is the Surf n Sun Beachside Backpackers and the Sleeping in Backpackers, both these hostels are simply superb as well, if you fail to hook a spot with the first two hostel mention which are highly sought after hostels, these will make excellent substitutes, boasting most if not all the amenities included in the Backpackers Paradise hostel.

Hostels are a one of kind experience and are known be a party environment. It is a great way to meet new people with similar interests to you own, the people of gold coast are very friendly and if you’re new to backpacking, bunking with more experienced backpackers is a great way to learn some important information. Remember a lot of these hostel are in high demand, it is very wise to pre book a hostel for your vocation, don’t on there being vacancies in either of these sought after hostels.
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