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Gold Coast Clubs

Fortunately for people living on the Gold Coast, two of the best things in life come hand in hand. A plethora of clubs line some of the best beaches of the world, giving everybody endless ocean views and fantastic dining options. Surf clubs offer a great family night out, often with live entertainment. Large television screens for sports, good bistro meals, and a great location right on the beach ensures everybody is happy. Of particular note are Northcliffe Surf Club, Knobby's Surf Club and North Burleigh Surf Club, they often have meal deals for $20.00.

RSL clubs also attract a great deal of attention as nearly every suburb has one. Cheap, casual and with something for everyone, the RSL is not just for members only. If your community spirited, dine at a local RSL as o ften the clubs make regular donations to local groups. The largest RSL on the Gold Coast, the Southport RSL is a huge affair offering up-market dining at affordable prices. International and national touring acts are all part of the fun.

Sporting venues such as the Sharks AFL club at Parkwood are popular meeting places. And it’s no wonder, the six million dollar gaming room, lounge bar, restaurant, a five million dollar functions centre, a grill and cocktail bar, sports bar, bottleshop, beer garden, food court and gymnasium make it more than just a sports club.

Although changes in licensing laws have meant that poker machines are now available throughout Queensland, Tweed remains home to some of the biggest clubs on the Gold Coast. The Twin Towns Services Club  takes the honour of being Australia’s largest club and the Seagulls Club has f unction facilities for up to 1500 people.

Twin Towns Services Club (07 5536 1977)
Located at Tweed Heads have an extensive programme of shows and feature many international stars.

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