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Gold Coast Health

Gold Coast is a healthy place, just watch out for the sun and remember to apply plenty of strong factor sun screen. The Gold Coast has a high standard of health and hygiene and it is unlikely that you will face any problems. The water is safe to drink but bottled water is very popular in Australia and you should drink a lot of water. The greatest danger is the sun and slip on a shirt, slap on sunscreen, and slop on a hat. There are a number of hospitals and for information call them.

07 5591 9400

Gold Coast Hospital
Nerang Street, Southport
07 5571 8211

John Flynn
07 5598 9001

07 5588 9000

Tweed Heads
07 5536 1133

There are pharmacies all over the Gold Coast and if you need information call Towers Pharmacy (07 5539 8438) or Surfers Health Medical Centre (07 5592 5999).


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