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Gold Coast Nightclubs

With all those neon lights, no wonder they call it the glitter strip. Around Cavil and Orchid Avenue you’ll find most of the impressive late night shenanigans.

Regular DJ’s, boutique clubs, classy or cheesy, whatever you desire the Gold Coast has ample. After three am, those still standing, will inevitably end up in Surfers Paradise eating McDonalds or a kebab in Cavil Avenue in the early hours of the morning.

Over the years many clubs have come and gone and new clubs have popped up regularly. But there are a few that have been around for donkey’s years and are almost compulsory for a party tour.

In the centre of Surfers Paradise:

Shooters: Shooter’s   Saloon Bar in Orchid Avenue has three levels of entertainment and prides itself on being the ultimate party bar. This is the iconic Gold Coast party place.

Billy’s Beach House: Opposite the beach   in Surfers Paradise.

Hard Rock Café: On the Corner of Cavill Ave and Surfers Paradise Boulevard , the Hard Rock promises r egular live entertainment and rock memorabilia.

Melbers: A short walk from the centre of town, this award winning entertainment venue is an old Gold Coast favourite.

Recent additions to the club circuit include The Bedroom Lounge bar and Nightclub, an innovative club full of luxury surroundings with high tech sound, lighting, video and designer beds.   Swingin' Safari set in anoriginal Queeslander home, is on the Gold Coast Highway just south of Surfers. This night venue is unashamedly home to some of the best decor on the Gold Coast.

While there are many, many other worthy clubs spread around, Surfers Paradise is the place to head to for an unforgettable evening.

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