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Gold Coast Safety

Beaches can be dangerous and every year there are incidents involving visitors to Australia . Swim between the red and yellow flags at all times and observe the signs on the beach. If you see a red flag do not enter the water, if you see a yellow flag swim with caution. Ask the lifeguards on duty for information.

Beach safety hints:

1. Always swim at beaches that are patrolled by lifesavers

2. Always swim between the red and yellow flags

3. Always obey all warning signs displayed on the beach

4. Do not swim when the beach is closed

5. Do not swim if you are unsure of conditions

6. Do not swim alone if inexperienced in surf conditions

7. Do not swim whilst under the influence of alcohol

8. Do not panic if caught in a current stay calm raise your arm and wait until help arrives

9. Do not struggle against a rip swim diagonally across it.


is not a major problem but like any big city with lots of tourism take care and leave valuables in the hotel safe.

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