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Springbrook National Park

Springbrook Plateau is just behind the Gold Coast. Almost 3000ha of rainforest, open forest and montane heath are protected in Springbrook National Park. Picturesque creeks, tumbling waterfalls and panoramic views make Springbrook one of the state’s most popular parks.

More than 100 bird species live in the park and rare and threatened animals like the Richmond birdwing rely on Springbrook’s forests for their survival.

Ten percent of the plants are only found locally. Aboriginal names are a reminder that this is a special place for indigenous people. Gwongorella means “dancing waters” while Warrie means “rushing”. The plateau was not opened up for grazing selection until 1906 and forestry was a thriving industry in the early 20th century.

Springbrook is part of a chain of mountains and forest remnants on both sides of the Queensland/New South Wales border known as the “Scenic Rim”. These forests are protected in the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves World Heritage Area.

Springbrook is 90 minutes by road from Brisbane or 45 minutes from the Gold Coast via Nerang or Mudgeeraba. Both routes are steep and winding. Food and fuel are available on the Plateau. From Brisbane, take the Pacific Highway about 70km south to Mudgeeraba, then drive 29km to Springbrook. From Nerang, 65km south of Brisbane, take the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road to Numinbah Valley and drive a further 18km to Springbrook.


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