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Gold Coast Theatres

Previously only known as Australia’s playground due to the vast array of nightclubs and pubs, the Gold Coast has undergone something of a transformation. Now thought of as the cultured coast, there is a burgeoning interest in shows, theatre and live performance.

The old classic dinner show Dracula’s remains a firm favourite. The eccentric comedy and intimate atmosphere has even become a Gold Coast landmark. A fully operational Ghost Train takes customers into the theatre, adding to the quirky ambience.

On the banks of the Nerang River, the Gold Coast Arts Centre presents a wealth of modern technology and entertainment in a traditional theatre environment. One of the most intimate and spacious entertainment arenas on the Gold Coast, the centre is a world-class theatre and is also home to the   Gold Coast City Art Gallery .

Not to be outdone, Conrad Jupiters boasts a variety of regular shows and performance on a smaller scale than the Gold Coast Arts Centre. From musical theatre to dance, free live music and stand up comedy are an added bonus to any night out.

The Australian Outback Spectacular continues to delight visitors and even the occasional local. Unique and exciting, the experience captures the grandeur of the Australian Outback on a nightly basis. The one thousand seat arena thunders with the hooves of Australian stock horses as an action-packed performance unfolds.  State-of-the-art lighting and sound, performance and entertainment are guaranteed.




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